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"Do not associate with those who hurt you knowingly, and once you free yourself, do not think about hurting those with whom you do not associate."

'Ali ibn Abi Thalib (k.w.)

I’m about to blow up on my dad. Wants ice cream until he hears it’s vegan, then he doesn’t want it cuz it’ll taste bad he thinks.

I’m about to shove Austin culture right up my dad’s ass and tell him he won’t be finding a fucking Dairy Queen anywhere nearby.

Last time my dad ever gets to visit. This shit is ridiculous.

We have the technology…to make a phone table.
"Excuse me, 
have you seen The Feminine Mystique? I lost my copy."
So I’m the LBJ Library for the first time since living in Texas and there was this one exhibit that had a piece about Ralph Nader. 

And damn, Ralph Nader was pretty hot.

I’m very irritable without food in my stomach. Aaaaand my dad is pissing me off.

About to call my dad out on being a whiney little baby. “I don’t know what we’re doing for lunch, but I need meat.”

Actually, dad, surprisingly you don’t. You’ll survive without it. “we can go to Whole Foods.” you know, since it’s one of the top five restaurants in town.

"no, not there."

"well, they have meat there, so…"

"fine," said the biggest stuck-in-his-mindset baby-dad ever.