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"O Allah! it is not strange that I love You because I am a weak servant,
but it is strange that You Love me when You are the King of Kings"

Shaykh Bayazid al-Bastami
Anonymous asked:
It honestly brings me so much joy that you have found Allah ☺️


Anonymous asked:
Are you gay or not

if you can’t figure that out by looking through my blog, then you’re clueless.

i’m going to not nerd out about how epic my night at the gay bar was tonight, but i will say that it was awesome.


I’m at a MVP event and I feel hella introverted right now.


#tbt to the time when one of my best friends and one of the most epic human beings on the planet came to visit me in the great city of ATX.
It’s been a couple months now since my accident. I’m still dealing with the scarring, but I’m still incredibly grateful that I’m alive.

Telling the whole truth about Whole Foods

"It’s true: Whole Foods employees "voted" on our benefits package this year. What Mackey doesn’t tell you is this: On the health care portion of our benefits vote, we were presented with three choices that we had no voice in drafting, and all of them resulted in significant cuts in benefits and increases in out-of-pocket employee costs. "

"In addition, sexual harassment has been allowed to go unchecked. It’s 2013, and long past the time when service and retail workers should be forced to hold their tongue as customers objectify, patronize and degrade. Women workers should not have to tolerate creepy male customers or their comments, nor should it be acceptable for any worker to feel threatened or unsafe in the workplace."

"Those are perhaps the three biggest complaints that form the tip of a much larger iceberg of discontent among Whole Foods workers. But others include an overly harsh attendance system, no designated sick days, promotion of overtly sexist management, racist rules designed to target Spanish-speaking workers, mandatory holiday hours in a non-essential industry, and erratic scheduling that interferes with our ability to have full and meaningful lives outside of work."

"People were rightly outraged when Mackey referred to Obama’s health care law as "fascist." They should be equally outraged that full-time Whole Foods employees can’t break out of poverty. They should be infuriated that a single mom can be fired without appeal because the schedule manager continually schedules her for a time when she has told him she has no child care. And they should up in arms over the fact that as the company makes massive profits and opens more stores than ever, it cuts the wages and benefits of its employees."